Corona Protective Gear

The task: „THE CORONA PROTECTION GEAR COMPETITION — Invent a mask and clothing (Remember: Don’t touch your face; Be at least 1 meter away from other people)“

Here is how the winner describes her protective gear:

My Corona Protection Gear
  • Protective suit: The protective suit is that if someone touches me then the virus can’t get to my skin.
  • Boots: The boots are so that I don’t stand in the virus.                            
  • Gloves: The gloves are so that if I touch someone or something the virus doesn’t go on my hands.
  • Goggles: The goggles protect my eyes.
  • Face mask: The face mask is to protect other people when I cough or sneeze and also to prevent me from inhaling the virus.
  • Belt with spikes: The spikes force people to keep their distance from me.
  • Head shield: The head shield is extra protection and prevents me from touching my face.
  • Sign: The sign should remind people to stay at home so they don’t spread the virus. 

by Annika