Bilinguale Fächer

Littering im Fach „Bilinguale Geographie“


Schüler der Klasse 7a haben sich im Rahmen des Umweltcurriculums im Fach bilinguale Geographie mit dem Problem „Littering“ auseinandergesetzt und Kurzgedichte verfasst:

Litter Poem No. 1

If you throw litter on the floor,
the soil will be soon poor.
So pick it up and just stop!!!

Litter Poem No.2

Someday I walked along the way,
and I asked myself: why do people throw it all away?
Papers, rags, bottles and glitter…
So stop now and do not litter!!!

Litter Poem No. 3

Littering means turning our world into a ball of trash,
and to make it clean again we must pay so much cash.
The world is our home!
So please, do not let me fight against littering alone!

Litter Poem No. 4

Paper, plastic and toxic stuff, everywhere in our world.
Many people only laugh, but today litter is in every fish or bird.
Take care of the nature, take care of yourself!
Do something now and not later to help save the world!

Litter Poem No. 5

Litter, litter everywhere,
so do not only stop and stare!
Animals are dying and we‘re not even crying,
So you should know that throwing stuff away, makes everybody pay!

Litter Poem No. 6

A plastic bottle went down a river and into the open sea,
a fish came by and swallowed it and became really sick.
Next day a man caught the fish and cut it open with a knife and was shocked when he saw that his bottle was still alive.